The Difference of Kung Fu Heart 2013?

How is Kung Fu Heart 2013 different than the prior martial art events, kung fu heart 2012 and kung fu heart 2011?

When I started the kung fu heart in 2011, I felt that Water Mountain had developed to the point where we could bring to Flagstaff a martial arts intensive that would be successful and capture part of the essence of kung fu.

Flagstaff, after all, has many of the classic kung fu training features.  The stand out feature is that it’s in the mountains, at high altitude.  Our nearly 7,000 feet in altitude puts better recognized high training places like Boulder to shame.

In 2011, I wanted to teach the vital aspect of kung fu known as the enduring heart.  This is the human quality seen in our most prized martial art movies.  It is the ability of a human being to continue, to move ahead, even in the face of destruction.  It is the ability to courageously persist.  In the candy-coated reality of American movies, this persistence leads ultimately to victory.  In Asian movies, death often occurs because of the difficulty of the circumstance, but the human heart prevails, and a testament is made to the strength of the human spirit.

2011 did that quite well.

This year, in 2012, I sought to strip each participants down to the raw building blocks of kung fu, and forge a tremendous strength of body and will.  In that kung fu heart, we broke through personal barriers and drove to team lifting over a quarter million pounds in weight.  With custom forged swords, kung fu hearters chopped a pig to bits.  Lastly, they learned the simple and very physical kung fu of making a stand, and crushing one’s enemies.

In 2013, we take a turn to the highest skill of kung fu–the defense against determined physical attack with minimal force.  This is the kung fu of using wisdom to become untouchable.  This kung fu heart is as much brain as it is brawn.  It is the least physical of the hearts, and will demand a tremendous amout from a person’s behavior and mind.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Warm Regards,

Martial arts in Flagstaff Master

P.S. Information of the kung fu heart 2013 is here.

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