Welcome to Flagstaff Martial Arts Seminars

Hi there!

Welcome to the new launch of a site forcused on promoting the major martial art events at Water Mountain Martial Society.  I am starting off with an early promotion of the 2013 Kung Fu Heart.

As a 4 week 80 hour intensive, I’ve found that people need a lot of warning to get all their ducks in a row for the event.  Well, how about the year before!

The 2013 Kung Fu Heart will be working as much brain as brawn, digging into the very advanced levels of kung fu skill.

Stay posted for regular updates on the kung fu heart.  You can enroll in the site’s RSS feed for automatic notices.

My Best to You!

Martial arts in Flagstaff Master


P.S.  You can enroll for this exceptional martial arts intensive here.





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