Walking Stick Defeats Ruffian With Knife Easily in Flagstaff

In the Flagstaff 2013 Kung Fu Heart, I have the pleasure of teaching the walking stick as a defense tool.  This weapon is a modified club that allows a person to handily dispatch several armed thugs.  Done with skill, one can do so without permanent injury to the ruffian.

In this case, Sifu Morgan Boatman takes the role of the knife wielding attacker.  We had to shoot this video several times to actually get it slow enough for the individual parts to be visible.  Even slowed, this 4 step combo took only 2 seconds to execute.

Please note, as a teacher of the stick and as someone with great familiarity with the club, I can clearly say that the technique for the walking stick is neither of these.  The weight of the knob combined with the lightness of the stick provides a different range of control opportunities that can really only be understood by someone investing time into its study.

Please enjoy below!

[ez_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/fCNfEv4ZP8Y” width=”640″ height=”360″ autoplay=”0″ autohide=”2″ controls=”1″]


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