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Kung Fu wise man defends himselfKung Fu Heart 2013: Sublime Armor of the Untouchable



Dear Friend, 

Let me tell you a story of an older gentleman with whom you have a lot in common, despite his advanced years. 

He has long white hair and a white beard.  He is well-dressed in a suit trimmed to fit his body.  The suit is clean and sharply pressed.  His shoes are hand-tooled from fine leather.  In one hand, he carries a walking stick with a round silver head. 

He seems almost out of place in a world that is often out of balance.  

He is happy.  He and the world long ago found peace with each other. This is a man that has found a secret that few others have: a deep and powerful way to live. 

There are those that envy what he has.  Not the nice suit, or the fine shoes, or the handsome walking stick.  Not the material things at all.  It’s his peace. 

Driven by that envy they decide to lie in wait for him along his usual walking route, on a cobblestone area overlooking a canal.  It will be easy to do him in there and dispose of his body after they strip it. 

He takes that fateful stroll.  His walking stick clacking on the stones. A smile on his ancient face.  It is near dusk, and only strands of sunlight are left to break over the surrounding buildings. 

They spring out from their hiding places.  All driven by muscle and anger. A single fearsome mass rushing him.  Their victory is assured. 

He faces them, a calm look on his face.  He lacks the ability to outrun them.  They are stronger than him.  Stronger than any single man. 

They all collide. 

At least they collide with where he was and with one another.  He slips their clawing grabs.  Using his walking stick, he guides their blows harmlessly aside.  They continue the assault.  With a few small gestures, he knocks their legs out from underneath them.  One he briefly hooks with the walking stick and sends flying into the canal. Another thug is tied into his own shirt sleeves. 

Then the old gentleman, suit still sharp, simply steps away.  To their primitive eyes he seems to disappear, after showing off some unearthly super power. 

My friend, you and I know better.   What he has shown is the benefit of a body shaped by wisdom.  A mind that has a great knowledge of how the body of an attacker behaves. 

What you and that old man share in common is very simple if you’ve read this far.  You understand that this kind of wisdom is its own power—one that remains long after physical strength fades. 

It forms a sublime, untouchable armor. 

In four weeks, from July 8, 2013 to August 2, in 80 hours of training, I will show you how to build that armor.  I will guarantee your absolute satisfaction with the training or all money back, plus a $197 “I am sorry I wasted your time” for those completing the course.


How You Will Build the Sublime Armor With Kung Fu Wisdom

  • Make the Body Like Water—Faced with an aggressive opponent most people become adrenalized and super-tense the muscles of the body. The theoretical ability to respond with very little force is there for most anyone.  The tense physical state of the body prevents a person from finding that artful solution.  It can not bend or move when it needs to or how it needs to.  You will learn to pull the plug on tension, and truly flow like water in and around your aggressors.

  • Read an Attacker Like a Free Kindle Book— You will open the play book that reveals the mental plans of an attacker, alone or together.  Small physical motions, seen or simply felt, will be enough to tell you what a person is going to do.

  • Develop a Healthy, Resilient Core—It should be noted that a wise person values personal health very highly.  A large part of health is having core strength and flexibility that keeps the body able to move easily in many directions with little impairment.  With expert guidance, you will develop such a core using both ancient and modern methods.

  • Using only Your Body, learn to avoid, block, and side step the vicious attacks of one or more attackers.

  • With a Gentleman’s Walking Stick, disable the limbs or render immobile an attacker without serious physical harm.

  • Turn Harmless Tools Like a Jacket, Shirt Sleeves or Belt into clever devices to immobilize people bent on your destruction by tying them into knots.

Using Only a Jacket, and the Rare Martial Art Skill of Binding, Defeat a Knife Wielding Attacker With Ease.

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With a Gentleman’s Walking Stick, a Knife Wielding Ruffian is Easily Dispatched

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Location and Time of This Martial Arts Intensive

This journey into the highest levels of kung fu wisdom will occur start in July 2013.  It will be located in Flagstaff, AZ at the Water Mountain Martial Society Studio.

This 4 week martial arts intensive will run from July 8 through August 2.  There will be 4 hours of training each morning from 7:30-11:30 AM. 

While it is highly recommended that you take each of these fascinating days of training, you may miss days.  Three makeup days will be provided from August 5-7.

There is no prorating of tuition, as you are expected to attend and participate in the entire course.  If you are not prepared for that type of commitment, please do not enroll.

  • The minimum age to participate is 12.  Twelve year olds should be mature for their years, and be capable of maintaining focus for long periods of time.

  • Physical Demand: Training will be a continual calorie burn, much like walking or gardening for 4 hours.

  • Overall Limits by the Body: The high level kung fu that you’ll be practicing is easily adaptable to different body forms.  It can be easily used by highly fit people, and by people with serious limitations.  If you have questions about your physical readiness, please contact me for a free, and private consultation.

  • Spiritual Limitations: A non-religious form of deep, relaxing meditation will be taught to retrain the stress response.  Mind training and qi gong will also be used to make you more responsive to small details in your environment.  While I have no religious motives in this course, some conservative religions forbid this type of training. If you have an issue with it, I suggest you do not enroll as the training is mandatory.

My 3 Guarantees to Give You Peace of Mind

Early Withdrawal Guarantee: If you withdraw for any reason by July 1, I will refund your entire tuition cost.

First Day, No Mas Guarantee: If, after the first day, you don’t feel you can do the training, I will refund every penny of your tuition. Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew, and I appreciate the boldness it takes to enroll for a program like this.

After the first day, you are mine.

Absolute Satisfaction Plus $197 Cash Guarantee: I hate weasel promises, don’t you? Taking a course like this involves two things, first you need to be bold enough to do it. Second, you need to trust that I can deliver. If you know me, know the quality of students I have produced in the last 20 years, know the exceptional results I produce in my special trainings, then you know I can deliver.

If you don’t know me, then you need a little extra assurance. Frankly, I am a firm believer in the power of kung fu to transform people and improve the world itself. I don’t want you to hesitate and miss out. So, if you complete the intensive and you are not absolutely satisfied for whatever reason, I will refund your entire tuition and give you $197 of my own cash money!

Your part of this guarantee is that you must attend all 80 hours of the seminar. Quite obviously, I can’t get you the sublime armor if you are not there to get it!

Bold Commitment and a Bold Promise. Can you get more kung fu than that?

2 Exceptional Free Gifts
For Enrolling in this Amazing Martial Arts Intensive

I will provide you with a finely crafted walking stick for use in the course and as a keepsake to remind you of your kung fu experience for many years to come.  You will be able to put it on your shelf with your most treasured mementos.  It will be a conversation piece you will be proud to talk about with your family and friends.

Or you can use it in on your strolls.

Second, I will provide you with nicely crafted kung fu uniform to carry you through many weeks of practice.

Do You Have the Drive to Find the Armor?

Let me tell you a little secret.

I know when I offer a 4 week 80 hour intensive that it doesn’t appeal to everyone.  I’m okay with that.  Not everyone wants the type of life that has the audaciousness to set aside 4 weeks to immerse themselves in kung fu.

Some people are built to construct this armor.  They are drawn to a body and life shaped by wisdom.  Most are not.  Walk down any street, and what you’ll find are people that are closer to the envious thugs than to the old man at peace. 

I don’t know where you fit on that spectrum, but if this intensive appeals to you, I have a pretty good idea.

You could be fortunate.  Chance may never bring you into a place where you need to defend yourself, yoda-like, against a group of seething thugs.

But thugs come in many forms.  They come at you in the workplace with gossip.  They plot to see you fall simply to feel better about themselves.  They find ways of undermining you with your friends. They challenge your reputation with your neighbors.  They send snide comments your way under their breaths in the hallway.

Oh, thugs find many forms, my friend.  Violence takes many shapes, not just physical force along some lone water way.

Don’t you want the armor to pass untouched by violence in its many shapes?

We are physical creatures.  You can have all the book learning and hopeful words you want—that won’t build the armor.

When the body learns it, it will sink into who you are, and you will understand what it means to be untouchable.

Well, that’s what this intensive is about.

I do offers these lessons in private sessions at my regular fee of $75 per session.  With simple math, you’ll see you can get the equivalent training from me for $12,000.  If offer it in no other form.

For this intensive, you will have an opportunity to stand with a dedicated group of like minded people, getting to know them and digging into your kung fu self.  The tuition, with bonuses and triple guarantee?  $1,397.00  –A savings of $10,603!

Final, Extended Deadline: June 28, 2013

I am looking forward to getting you that sublime armor!  Enroll below now.

Martial arts in Flagstaff Master

P.S. Remember, even with early enrollment you are covered by my triple guarantee.  You can withdraw by July 1, and get your entire tuition back.

P.P.S. This intensive has a low enough physical demand that it is suited to a wide variety of fitness levels.  If you can walk or garden for 4 hours, you can easily do this intensive.

P.P.P.S. Frankly, the walking stick is so cool, you should sign up just to get it!

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“Yes, Master Mike!  I Want the Power of the Sublime Armor of the Untouchable In My Life.”

I want to pass effortlessly through the anger and envy fueled hatred of others.

I have earned the bonus of a fine Gentleman’s Walking Stick and Kung Fu uniform, all with your triple guarantee.


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